Our energy, behind 德州

Strengthening 德州 communities

Our energy behind 德州 is stronger than ever as we leverage the state’s resources to meet the challenge of increasing 全球 energy demand through the delivery of lower-carbon energy solutions. See how we're connecting millions of Texans — with power and resources — in an effort to strengthen our communities and 塑造未来.



捐赠 to organizations in 德州 from 2019 to 2022


consumers across more than 120 德州 counties*


miles of transmission and distribution lines in 德州*


Bringing solar energy to border communities

For families in underserved areas along the 德州-Mexico border, electricity use can consume a disproportionate share of monthly budgets. To help these communities, Sempra Foundation partnered with Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) to install solar panels which will help reduce the financial burden of rising energy costs.

Advancing sustainability across 德州

We're building a sustainable future for 德州 by integrating renewables into the energy grid and developing one of the world's first carbon capture hubs. Our goal is to advance energy security and economic growth while building a lower-carbon society across the Lone Star State.


In a state celebrated for its innovation and leadership, we’re following suit with ambitious plans to deliver energy with purpose in 德州 and beyond.

Elevating 德州 on the World Stage

德州 is America’s top energy producer, generating nearly twice as much electricity as the second highest electricity producing state. 德州 also has more installed wind power than all but three other countries in the world. And 德州 produces one quarter of the nation’s 天然气, rapidly becoming a key 全球 energy export hub.

Strengthening Our 德州 Communities

Sempra and the Sempra Foundation have 捐赠 超过4美元.5 million to 德州 charities and organizations in the past three years, and we expect that number to increase. Giving back to the communities where we live and work in is a 核心价值 and one that exists everywhere we do business.

Houston Center of Excellence

Houston is experiencing tremendous growth and creating extraordinary opportunities, making it an ideal location for our new 地区总部. 我们很自豪地说 我们德州背后的能量, advancing cleaner energy for all in a state that helps bring big ideas to life.


Bringing solar energy to border communities

Advancing sustainability across 德州


Elevating 德州 on the World Stage

Strengthening Our 德州 Communities

Houston Center of Excellence



Dallas-based Oncor handles transmission and distribution covering more than 140,000 miles of lines and nearly 3.9 million advanced meters. Using predictive analytics to monitor storms and peak demand, Oncor identifies problem areas to avoid interruptions and restore service quickly.

With billions of dollars invested in state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced technologies, Oncor’s innovation doesn’t have an off switch. We have an 80 percent ownership in Oncor and are proud to back more than 4,700 Oncor employees as they champion an electric future that empowers modern life.


Unlocking America’s energy potential

通过 Sempra基础设施, we are developing a proposed 液化天然气 (液化天然气) export terminal on 3,000 acres that is designed to enable the export of approximately 1300万年 tons per year. 亚瑟港液化天然气 could allow us to take abundant 天然气 from areas like the Permian Basin and safely deliver cleaner burning energy to the world.**


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Join a team with a shared purpose

Our energy behind 德州 is possible because of our team. You can help 塑造未来 of the energy industry and make a positive impact — join us.